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Interesting Reading, Then MY opinion. [Apr. 29th, 2007|12:46 am]


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Read the above before continuing........

My opinion IS.......

We will never know who is the greatest because the UFC and now Pride will follow the unified rules under the CSAC and NSAC. Don't get me wrong. agree with it for the service it does us the fans in the promotion and accessibility of MMA...... but....

.... could the 170 pound Matt Hughes beat the 205 Liddell??? God to watch it! Maybe with the aquisition of Pride and the opening and seemingly continuation of the grand prix's we MIGHT see a UFC/Pride Open Grand Prix in the next couple of years to determine the absolute King of MMA...... but for now, who knows. With the lack of willingness to compete on US soil by Fedor and Alexander added to the anamosity to Zuffa from Matt Lindland and a few others. Not to mention the exclusion under NSAC rules for fighters over 265lbs (ie: Bob Sapp, Butterbean, etc)... will the question really get answered...

Who IS the greatest?!

My rankings of all time greatest..........

1. Royce Gracie. (They didn't want to concider his tournie style wins apparently)
2. Fedor E. (He just scares me. Lazy eye and hairy gut. Oh and he'll kill ya)
3. Chuck Liddell (He fights like a cat, and with 3 losses he has 6 lives left)
4. Matt Lindland (Bouncing in the weight divisions he proves he is fearless)
5. Randy Couture (If I am 1/2 that in 8 years, god I am challenging Sylvia!)
6. Matt Hughes (lil'guy from a farm, slug hay and convert it to punching power)
7. Jeremy Horn (maybe not a champ, but many champs owe thier paycheck to him)
8. Mirko "Crocop" Filipovic (Yeah he just got his bell rung but he rang alot himself!)
9. Dan Henderson (Only because I can't explain how he wins)
10. Wandy Silva (400+ silvas in MMA and he is the best till Anderson proves otherwise)

[User Picture]From: igorpunck
2007-04-29 09:45 am (UTC)
hmn... where do i start....
i don't agree with you 100%
Fedor is numero uno! period!
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[User Picture]From: firemosa
2007-04-29 11:40 pm (UTC)
My turn now!

1. Royce Gracie(Because he is the beginning of it all, also challenges himself)
2. Fedor(Has completely maximized his potential as a fighter, I can't say that for anyone else in all of MMA. Good attitude about fighting)
3.Nogueira's(For the same reason I like Fedor- has maximized his potential and is a very smart fighter, also creative and good style.)
4.Sakuraba(very creative, great spirit, great strategist, fun fighter)
5. Genki Sudo( Super creative, big heart, really fun)
6. Cro Cop (Extremely cold and calculated, most feared kick in MMA.)
7. Silva(because he is an axe murderer, knows how to look good for those TKOs)
8. Bas ( did you see his comeback fight? For personalities I put him as # 1)
9. Shogun( he's a little silva)
10. Crazy Horse Bennet(why not? One crazy mofo)

As you may have guessed, I mostly watch pride.

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